Panasonic commercial + corporate

Panasonic has repeatedly come to IU for its network of talented filmmakers, and the great ideas they produce. Most recently, IU performed ideation services for online videos about the latest Panasonic UltraHD 4K televisions. Together, Panasonic and IU selected the best creative treatments and awarded production budgets to the group's favorite scripts. The videos were then produced quickly, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Event Marketing

  • 1. Turnkey - massive on-campus promotions and hands-on training plus engaging video content all delivered seamlessly
  • 2. Training - students learned how to Panasonic cameras from CMF staff and Campus Reps who represented the Panasonic brand
  • 3. Timing - 10 month integrated, on-going campus tour
  • 4. Content - hundreds of top films created with Panasonic cameras, plus 2 separate multi-video campaigns for TV, web, and trade conferences